One More Sun represents Columbus well!

“One More Sun, one more reason to like Columbus”

Very fitting, very true.  One More Sun was featured in Denison’s school paper recently and received very kind words regarding their recently released “Cheap Thrill” EP:

“One More Sun’s guitars chime and jangle, the bass is nice and think and the drums are crisp.  Dotson’s vocals, though, are the most distinct element of the band.  It’s hard to pin down exactly who she sounds like, but…[i]t’s a good voice; warm and cute sounding but also forceful when necessary.  One More Sun’s sole release…is a strong debut.” -Tristan Eden

Go check out their Facebook to read the rest of the flattering article, and download their EP (for free!!) over on their Bandcamp.  One More Sun will be performing Friday, March 2nd at KOBO Live (2590 N. High St.) for The Hot 17 Friday showcase.  We’ll see you there!


Cowgirl set to release “Best Recession/Morrow, OH” single

The cover for Best Recession/Morrow, OH

Cowgirl is a lo-fi indie-pop band hailing from Cincinnati, OH. In December they came into the studio to record their new single, Best Recession/Morrow, OH.  This two song diptych declares the band’s core affect: an intelligent laziness. The a-side “Best Recession” exhibit’s Hill’s sharp and imaginative lyrics and Lomax’s tumbling and solid bass melodies. The first chord of “Morrow, OH” rolls right off the preceding song’s final chord, revealing a sweeping, lovesick march. Anchored by Toerner’s down tempo drumbeats in three, “Morrow, OH” slowly crescendos into a blustery yet sleepy breakdown lead by Graham’s guitar.

Best Recession/Morrow, OH will be released on March 10th and available for download on their website.  The release show will be held at The Avenue in Covington, KY.

Find Cowgirls b-side, Amelia Earhart, here.


Cliffs release debut EP

The Sunglasses EP

Cliffs will officially release their Sunglasses EP this spring.  Their release show has been set for March 31st at Carabar (115 Parsons Ave). The line-up will include a roster of Old Son artists: New Tooth and In Silent Movies.  There will be no cover for this show as is tradition of Carabar (we all love free shows).  If you haven’t downloaded the EP feel free to do it here (pss…it’s also free):


Old Son Sessions: Cowgirl // Amelia Earhart


Introducing… The Old Son Sessions! One of the perks of working in a studio is the opportunity to get to see bands in such an intimate setting. Sort of a private show just for you, but we felt guilty. We couldn’t just keep this to ourselves, we had to share it. This is the first of many video updates to come. We’ve got some new resolutions and some great bands on the way!



Cowgirl: Video: Megan Leigh –

One More Sun joins us to record “Cheap Thrill”

One More Sun

In September we welcomed in the first project in the studio, One More Sun. One More Sun is a talented young group who really impressed us. We invited them into the studio to track, mix, and master their first EP “Cheap Thrill” and it was a wonderful time.

One of the first things we noticed was how great each members tone was. Taking cues from The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, One More Sun made our mixing process very easy. They had a great vision for what they wanted their tracks to sound like.

We would like to thank One More Sun for breaking in our studio with us. We are very proud to have produced “Cheap Thrill”.

You can download a FREE copy of the EP here.